Most services spend over $15 attempting to correct just ONE invalid PCS

Crews love us!

Takes the burden of getting great Physician Certifications off of crews and lets them focus on providing great care.

Organize all PCSs in one platform

The PaperlessPCS dashboard provides a simple, easy to use place to organize and distribute all of your certifications.

Manage repetitive PCSs easily

PaperlessPCS automatically sends physicians email reminders to re-certify expiring PCSs, eliminating non-covered transports.

Use PaperlessPCS before or after the transport

PaperlessPCS allows you to collect PCSs prior to transport or after the transport without additional legwork.

Avoid billing delays

Eliminate 21 day waiting period for filing a claim, get the right information the first time!

Eliminate lost PCS forms

All electronic documentation eliminates the hazard of loosing a PCS or accidentally disclosing Protected Health Information