How It Works

Reduce billing lag, save money, and improve your billing efficiency with PaperlessPCS.

  • It’s free for facility users to submit a PCS form
  • Streamlines the certification process for one time and recurring transports
  • Results in more accurately completed documents

Paperless PCS is your solution to collecting Physician Certification Statements.

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 Make your billing department more efficient

PaperlessPCS places all of your Physician Certifications in one, easy to manage place.  Save, print, or view PCSs directly from your dashboard.  No more searching for paperwork, bill your transports faster!

100% Medicare Complaint Signatures

Our exclusive platform captures exact digital copies of signatures that are unique to each form – not an electronic “rubber stamp”.  When coupled with automatic printed name and credentials, this creates a 100% Medicare compliant PCS that is also accepted by private and governmental insurers.

Secure & Reliable

PaperlessPCS is a cloud-based web application that guarantees 100% uptime, stores no Protected Health Information on user’s computers, and is constantly updated for security and functionality.

“No IT needed” implementation

Getting started with PaperlessPCS is remarkably easy, and deployment can be done in just a few minutes.  After registering and completing the necessary paperwork (A business associate agreement and terms of service), you then simply send an invitation to the appropriate contact at each signing facility.  These users will become administrators for that facility and can approve new users as they register.  That’s it!

Simple, Intuitive platform gets better information the first time!

On paper Physician Certification Statements singers can make a lot of unintentional errors including illegible signatures without a printed name or marking check boxes without providing additional information, rendering your PCS invalid and unusable. PaperlessPCS eliminates this common problems by requiring additional information on all check boxes, automatically printing signer name and credentials, as well as dozens of other checkpoints.

Users can use any device to sign

Physician using a tablet for his current EMR?  Discharge Planner always has iPhone in hand?  With PaperlessPCS all devices are supported, including standard desktop and laptop computers – without any additional equipment to buy.  Just log on and go!

Are you still using Excel to track your repetitive PCSs?

PaperlessPCS makes tracking and renewing 60 Day repetitive PCSs quick and easy.  Once a repetitive PCS is signed using PaperlessPCS, the system tracks the date and time the PCS was signed.  After 45 days, you and the user who signed the PCS will begin to receive alerts that the form is nearing expiration and are prompted to log into the system.  There, they can easily re-certify the patient for continued medical necessity.  PaperlessPCS even automatically populates patient demographics onto the new form, requiring only medical necessity information and a signature for re-certification.


 Tired of seeing this?

Illegible signature2

Illegible signatures without a printed name are a thing of the past.  PaperlessPCS automatically inserts important information in it’s appropriate place, so things like illegible signatures are a problem of the past.

Automatically populates dates, times, and signer name and credentials!

How it works –

You can have referrals complete your Physician Certification Statements one of two ways:

Recieve From Hosptial

Once a call is placed, you request the caller visit, login, and complete the PCS.  The user will be prompted to complete the PCS form thoroughly and then submit it to you. This method is very similar to the current pen and paper method and works well for transports set up well in advance.



Send to hospital

After your dispatch center gathers information for the transport, they can enter demographic information into PaperlessPCS, then submit the PCS directly to the caller for review and signature.  The caller will receive an email alerting them to the PCS awaiting their approval- regardless of whether or not the caller is already a registered PaperlessPCS user! This makes the transfer process much more caller friendly and actually makes the transport request process easier for the requesting facility – something every service will love.


Once your customer has completed a new certification form, it is sent over our secure server to your service’s dashboard.  There, you can retrieve the form to print to attach to your documentation, or download and submit to your billing service. Ambulance services nationwide are under increased scrutiny over payments, particularly for non-emergency transport.  Ensuring your documentation is in order is the highest priority, particularly in the case of an audit.

PaperlessPCS will pay for itself in the very first month, GUARANTEED!

If you receive just 10 invalid PCS forms each month, your PaperlessPCS subscription will pay for itself through saved administrative time and mailing expenses alone!

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