Eliminate the headaches and get better PCSs with PaperlessPCS

PaperlessPCS establishes an electronic gateway for sending and receiving Physician Certifications

Completing a PCS on PaperlessPCS is painless, and can be completed one of two ways:

By directing the caller to log on to PaperlessPCS and fill out a new certification statement, or your dispatch center can complete demographic information and send a unique link via email to the caller for completion and signature.  Once a new certification has been completed, it will be available for print or download from your PaperlessPCS dashboard.
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Getting started with PaperlessPCS is remarkably easy and takes just a few minutes

Deployment to your facilities requires no special training or documentation

After becoming a registered PaperlessPCS user, an email address is all that is required to invite facility users.  Using the “Invite a User” function, you can send a email link to the user of your choice.  Once registered, that user will become the facility administrator for the program and can approve new users as they come aboard.  That’s it!
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